Discover your farm’s carbon potential.

The Carbon Farming Foundation has developed this interactive Carbon Yield Heatmap to help you discover the tons of CO2e (carbon units) each hectare of your farm could generate under a reforestation project.

It allows you to

  • quickly scan your property to identify the highest yielding carbon areas,
  • see where you can put unproductive land to more profitable use,
  • pick out potential shelter belts for stock that could be funded by carbon farming,
  • understand how to best integrate a carbon project within an existing productive operation,
  • and learn more about how carbon farming works within the context of your own farm operation.

See the tool’s website for more information and an example heatmap.


$150 (setup fee) + 5c/Ha

For a limited time only, The Carbon Farming Foundation is offering this service for FREE to the first 20 landowners to register. Simply fill out the below form and they’ll be in touch with next steps.

*Enquiry must be for properties located in Australia and must cover at least 1000ha of land across all properties.
*This tool only measures the potential for Australian Carbon Credit Units (ACCUs) under the Emission Reduction Fund’s Environmental Plantings FullCAM methodology.

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