Learning from your future self

The ‘Letter from the Future’ exercise, rooted in solution-focused coaching, is a hands-on tool designed to help develop a shared vision and foster collaboration and individual reflection. It guides participants through envisioning their future selves in relation to the landscape, and articulates the steps needed to reach those goals. It aims to tap into the solutions you already possess, even if unconsciously, for the challenges you face. By delving into personal and shared visions, participants gain insights into their motivations and values, contributing to a deeper understanding of the group’s collective vision. This exercise encourages active participation and sparks meaningful conversations about the path forward.

This exercise invites you to envision yourself 20 years from now and delve into the remarkable success we’ve already achieved, even as we continue our journey toward realizing our dreams. Explore what this future looks like and how it feels to inhabit it. Then, trace our path back, examining the major events and changes that propelled us toward this future. By identifying the enabling factors and obstacles, gain insights into the strategies and methods that have supported our journey. Through collaborative reflection and creative expression, craft a letter from your future self, sharing your accomplishments, challenges, and advice with your present self.

It is suggested to do the exercise in groups of 4-6 people. It consists of four tasks, and each tasks includes a specific exercise.

Adapted from the Thiagi Group, Bill Matthews, 2002.

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