Whether you need to include remote employees, collaborate across distributed offices, or just want to conduct a debrief without sticky notes: Parabol is a retrospective meeting tool designed to put participants on equal footing, and guide teams through the best retrospective meeting experience of their lives.

Parabol allows you to do everything together: drag/drop/group tasks, vote, edit, and more.

Tasks created in Parabol can be published to GitHub, Jira, and integrated into Slack.

There are currently three meeting times to choose from when facilitating a meeting with Parabol:

  • Retrospectives. Reflect on your work, find themes, and evolve as a team – all in an hour or less.
  • Team Check-In. Check-in with your teammates to efficiently unblock issues and review what you’ve accomplished.
  • Sprint Poker. Estimate effort using an interactive card deck – with a range of custom scales and estimation methods to choose from.
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