This is a tool by the Presencing Institute and part of the Theory U methodology. You can also find other Theory U tools in our toolbox (just search for ‘Theory U’) and on the website of Presencing Institute.

Sensing Journeys are part of the opening process of the left side of the U.

Sensing Journeys pull participants out of their daily routine and allow them to experience the organization, challenge, or system through the lens of different stakeholders. Sensing journeys bring participants to places, people, and experiences that are most relevant for the respective question they are working on.

The purpose of a Sensing Journey is to allow participants to break through patterns of seeing and listening by stepping into a different and relevant perspective and experience. Sensing Journeys can also help build relationships with key stakeholders, and gain a system perspective.

These journeys allow participants to:

  • Move into unfamiliar environments
  • Immerse themselves in different contexts
  • Step into relevant experiences

The outcomes of a Sensing Journey are:

  • Increased awareness of the different aspects of a system and their relationships.
  • Enhanced awareness of the different perspectives of the stakeholders and participants in the system.
  • Connections between stakeholders and participants.
  • Ideas for prototypes.
This tool describes step by step how to organise and go through a Sensing Journey, with steps, examples, and principles.

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