This is a tool by the Presencing Institute and part of the Theory U methodology. You can also find other Theory U tools in our toolbox (just search for ‘Theory U’) and on the website of Presencing Institute.

Stakeholder Interviews are conducted by practitioners with their key stakeholders; this could include customers, bosses, subordinates, or peers both within and outside the organization. The interviews allow you to step into the shoes of your interviewees and see your role through the eyes of these stakeholders.

The purpose of a stakeholder interview is to see your work from the perspective of your stakeholders. It answers the questions: What do my stakeholders want from me? What do they need me for?

Stakeholder Interviews can be used in all phases of the U-process. Most common use is during the preparation phase of a project.

Stakeholder interviews offer:

  • Enhanced clarity about how your work matters from the viewpoint of your stakeholders
  • An understanding of how your stakeholders assess the value you create for them
  • Ideas for quickly improving a situation
  • The identification of barriers and roadblocks that need to be removed
  • A better and deeper personal relationship with your key stakeholders
  • Use with…Listening and mindfulness tools

This tool takes you though the principles, set-up and steps to conduct stakeholder interviews. It also provides a helpful example.

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