The Regenerative Agriculture Manual is a crop-specific guidebook produced by the Regeneration Academy and TheRockGroup and funded by EIT Food. It is designed to help Mediterranean farmers transition from conventional or organic production systems to regenerative agriculture. Each chapter explains the most important regenerative agriculture practices such as cover crops, water management, diversification, and design and how they apply to your farm. The Manual also provides practical information about the different plant varieties available, their pros and cons in different contexts, and how to best prevent some of the most common diseases and pests through intelligent soil stewardship.

Additionally, you will find topics of interest to all farmers who want to know whether regenerative agriculture will give them the tools they need to build healthy soils and produce nutritious food, all while earning a decent living. These include chapters on Policy and Trends or Time and Resource Management. There is also an inspiring section that reviews some of the most successful regenerative farms in Spain and Italy.

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