With the help of multiple partners, FAO has developed a global analytical framework for the multidimensional assessment of the performance of agroecology. It aims to:

  • Inform policy makers, development institutions, and other stakeholders by creating references to the multidimensional performance of agroecology and its potential to contribute to multiple SDGs;
  • Build knowledge and empower producers through the collective process of producing and sharing data and evidence based on their own practices;
  • Support agroecological transition processes at different scales, in different locations and different timeframes by proposing a diagnostic of performances over time and by identifying areas of strengths/weaknesses and enabling/disabling environments.

This document provides guidance on how to assess agroecology by carrying out a diagnostic of production systems with regard to various dimensions (environmental, social, economic) and in a variety of contexts (production systems, communities, territories, agro-ecological zones, etc.). It explains how the analytical framework was developed, what its underlying principles are and what its methodological components are.

This document can be used to develop projects aiming to build evidence and collect data about sustainable agriculture and the particular role of agroecological approaches. It can also be used to analyze how existing efforts to measure agroecology can contribute to building globally relevant and harmonized evidence.

Also available in Spanish.

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