AlVelAl Association has been working on holistic landscape restoraiton in the Altioplano Estepario landscape in Spain since 2014. It all started with bringing together local farmers, conservationists, government, and entrepreneurs to create a common vision for the territory. Currently, AlVelAl Association has more than 490 members, including 280 farmers, and has developed three regenerative businesses now in operation: an almond-focused company, an olive oil cooperative, and a food platform to sell regenerative products from across the territory.

In 2023, we developed a Theory of Change based on our existing strategy and work. We’re sharing it here because it can be an inspiration for organisation with similar ambitions in 4 Returns landscape restoration. Follow the impact pathway elements to explore their envisioned impact. From the bottom up, it shows what activities are employed in the landscape (i.e. the roots of the tree), how that creates the different returns (i.e. the leaves of the tree), both inside and outside the landscape, leading to the final aim (i.e. the clouds).

The Theory of Change is quite simple, but there is a lot of complexity behind it. In the process of developing it, the specific interrelations between the activities and the returns were drafted in a more detailed version.

See the Theory of Change below or, to read it in a bigger font, download it via the ‘view tool’ button below.

Learn more about developing a Theory of Change in the 4 Returns guidebook chapter Strategic Planning. For drafting a quick 4 Returns Theory of Change, check out the Theory of Change template.

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