This toolbox by Design a Better Business provides the tools required to master ambiguity and create value from uncertainty. The tools originate from the book Design a Better Business, that introduces readers to the Double Loop design process, a practical approach to creating and growing value using collaborative practices. The Double Loop maps the design journey into 7 steps, starting with preparing for the journey, and ending with scaling your results. In the middle is a Double Loop: an iterative cycle of refining your point of view, building more understanding, generating new ideas, prototyping those ideas, and validating the outcomes of showing the prototypes to actual customers.

The Double Loop is founded on a simple observation: every project, product, company, change, or idea, starts with a point of view. It might be based on fact. It might be based on assumptions. Whatever your point of view, using it to create lasting change requires work and a movement from the beginning toward the goal line. The Double Loop takes your point of view into account, while adding rigor and continuity to the design process. This means, that your point of view is always informed by understanding and that that understanding will spark new ideas, further enhancing your point of view.

The only way to start thinking as a designer is to live it. Feel the uncertainty in your bones when going on this design journey.

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