This is a short how to use the platform guide!

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3 replies on "How to use the Platform"

  1. Alex Tobin Alex Tobin says:

    A fantastic resource and a very clear, understandable video! One quick question: is there also an option to receive a (push) notification/email if new content is posted to the wall? I don’t log on every day and don’t want to miss anything!

    1. Hi, I’m one of the developers on this platform. We’ve been discussing a feature like this, but we don’t want to spam you with emails (since all users can post on the wall, it could end up crowding your inbox). What we’re curious about is if you’ve signed up for the newsletter, because that’s where we share highlights of the wall as well. If you are, but want more updates, we can maybe develop an opt-in notification system.

      1. Alex Tobin Alex Tobin says:

        Hi Marcel!

        Maybe not a notification for every wall post, but if someone replies to your post or a thread you’re active in. (I received an email with your message just now, but didn’t, for example, see that Milena had replied to something else I posted.)

        Definitely spam is a bad idea, but just a ‘heads-up’ to keep people active.

        And I now see ‘you are subscribed to this post’ below this, so maybe my question has been answered.!

        Kort verhaal lang. 😎

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